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Episode 2: Project Runway Season 10

Beatrice (middle)
Recap + Commentary | Beatrice Guapo was eliminated on July 19. Lantie was “stunned” to be in the bottom two with Beatrice, while the other designers made comments that Beatrice shouldn't have been the first to go home. (

This week, Tim Gunn took the remaining designers to Dylan’s Candy Bar and presented the next challenge—the “unconventional materials” challenge, where the designers will create a wearable look using candy, and have a budget of $250 (actually $500 with 50% off) to shop for an assortment of colorful treats.

Christopher was last week’s challenge winner; he cannot be eliminated due to his immunity.

The designers were BIG KIDS in a candy store looking for all sorts of sweets in efforts to develop a look that evokes (what I call my 3 Cs) color, concept, and creativity. 

Nina Garcia’s Favorite Candy Is... 

Highlights, According To Nikki…. 

Fan Favorite Leaderboard: Sonjia Wiliams is this week’s fan favorite, as she racked up  21% (or 4329) of the votes. Melissa Fleis catches up to Sonjia at 21% (or 4299) - the two are neck-and-neck! Last week’s fan fave, Christopher Palu, dropped to the number three spot at 13%. Voting percentages are as of July 27, 2012 at 8:04 P.M., and subject to change.

The catfight continues, but it wasn't as dramatic as last week. Christopher supposedly caught Gunnar rolling his eyes at him; meanwhile Gunnar thinks Christopher is just “threatened by him.” DIVAs please – just have a physical altercation already.

On The Runway. Who Made THE CUT? 
  • Judges: Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia 
  • Guest Judge: Dylan Lauren 
  • Mentor: Tim Gunn 

The following designers were called forward, as having the highest, and the lowest scores: 

Buffi, Elena, Gunnar, Lantie, Sonjia, and Ven.

Buffi in the Workroom
Heidi said that Buffi over-accessorized the outfit; Nina added that the styling was atrocious. Michael didn’t hold back and said that the look was “Toddlers and Tiaras Gone Bizerk,” and that Buffi gave us a “sugar overdose.” 

Good news! Heidi liked the shape of Sonjia's design. “I think it’s really pretty," she said. Dylan liked every angle of the dress. According to Michael, the dress was “really well done.” Nina thought the dress was "perfectly made," and “adorable." 

The judges were not enthused by Lantie’s design. “It seems like you’re a decorator,” said Michael. Ha! Lantie should have focused on buying candy for her design instead of eating it from the basket. Unbelievable.                          

Moving along. Heidi was impressed with Ven’s dress; she called it stunning, and claimed that she would love to wear it. Nina thought it was “refreshing” and “beautiful.” Both Michael and Dylan were excited about the look as well. 

Elena was not winning, at all. “Looks like a dress with noodles on it,” said Heidi. “No spirit,” says Nina. And, between Michael’s feedback on the show—and real-time tweets—he blurted out so many negative (but hilarious!) comments; I couldn't keep up.

Here’s a tweet that sums up his thoughts about Elena’s design:

Elena in the Workroom


made a dress that Dylan would display in the window at Dylan’s Candy Bar, which is major. Heidi told Gunnar, “I like what you’ve done.” Michael agreed saying, "well done."

Moment of Truth? 
  • Winner of Episode 2: Ven 
  • Bottom Two: Lantie and Buffi. Lantie was eliminated.

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