Sunday, July 29, 2012

Style Inspiration: Angelic

Photo Credit: The Clothes Horse

Style Notes | My approach this week, from a style stance, is to wear pieces that are soft and innocent in efforts to create outfits that presents an "angelic" look and feel.

The featured photo has been tagged as my inspiration. The mixing of prints (both blouse and skirt) is on-trend—the classic hot pink cardigan adds a splash of personal style.

2012 A/W: Flammeum
  • Angora Cardigan: FMK-6203-B
  • Check Dots Blouse: FMG-6203-B
  • Colorful Nep Skirt: FMC-6200-B
  • Earrings: FMZ-6211-B

What's your style inspiration? Tell me on Twitter.

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  1. In love with the angora collectioN! :D So beautiful! :)