Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Print Media Still Has A Pulse: September Issues On Newsstands

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September's Trending! The other day me and probably 99.9 percent of the fashion industry scurried to pick-up every September issue pertaining to style and beauty. We've been also "liking" photo-after-photo on Instagram of fashion enthusiasts proudly showing off their stacks. September issues are generally finger-licking thick, and consists of overwhelming amounts of ads and free sample perfume scents. Speaking of size, Self is the thinnest magazine in my pile. (Ha!) Pun intended, or nah?  

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I spend a lot of time studying and analyzing content and creative direction. Like reading, it's my way to escape into the creative minds of brilliant individuals in the world. Sometimes I'm so wow'ed by an ad -- that I fixate on it and often wonder what the brainstorming session(s) was like -- to produce such a magnificent concept. I'm a geek like that! Also, I have a keen eye for good journalism and do read selected stories (what's left of them), as well as stay on top of emerging runway and pop culture fashion trends.

Print's Alive. Come. On. I know I'm not the only one that enjoys the hands-on experience of touching and reading a magazine while sipping a latte...and clipping outfits to post on (mood) bulletin boards...and bookmarking articles using colorful post-it sticky notes. Right? Well. Let us be sure to bask in these moment, because the conversation about whether or not print media is dying a slow death is still up for debate.

"Print vs. Digital" talks are interesting as it relates to evolution, for sure. However, we must consider the consumer in efforts to keep a thoughtful, sustainable balance: Not every reader has the means to purchase, nor has access to, technology. And (holy catastrophe) what if the world goes dark for weeks with no electricity and mobile data - then what?

Dear Publishing Industry: We can't go full-blown digital yet; we're not ready on so many levels. Disclaimer: I'm not bias and this is not an attempt to save print. Okay, yeah it is.


Photo Credit: Root Studio (Print vs. Digital), Mind Your Black Business (Infographic)

Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Simple Life.

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Weekend Casual! Here's a super summer-ready weekend getup idea that you'll have to try! (It's an effortless one.) The checklist is sweet and simple and the outfit elements needed for the look won't break the bank. Are you ready for some style inspo?

To attain the featured look, scurry around your favorite stores for the (4) items listed below. Cost-Saving Tip: Comb your closet—you might already have what you need.
  1. Bobby Pins for Top Knot
  2. Sleeveless Shirt w/Spaghetti Straps
  3. A Pair of Denim Shorts
  4. Comfy Flats (Sneakers OK.)


Monday, July 27, 2015


More Shuffling At Condé Nast. Yes. By now we know that print magazines are struggling at the newsstand. Lucky magazine unfortunately has become unlucky and according to WWD, SELF magazine could merge with Allure magazine.  

Now wait a minute.

Historically, SELF focused on fitness and health whilst Allure generated content — specifically, about beauty and how-to obtain a beat face. At first I was confused by the alleged merge, hence the Huh? Nicki Minaj head tilt pic. Because there's clearly a distinction in terms of readership: To this day, SELF generally targets fitness enthusiasts; Allure targets the beauty-obsessed. Right...?

But in efforts for corporate (Condé Nast) to perhaps "make nice" with the bottom line of its Profit and Loss statement, I suppose the merge is necessary from a financial standpoint and could potentially work, content-wise, as most of us strive to become our very best alluring selves. Coined!

The New York Post joined the media frenzy and published an article last week (July 23rd), "Three Condé Nast magazines might not exist in print soon."
The buzz inside Condé Nast, according to one well-placed source, is that there could be some major publisher consolidations — with certain bosses being asked to take on group publisher roles that will allow Condé Nast to consolidate the digital reach of related titles. 
There is also buzz around the high-profile publishing house that three titles are on the hot seat — and that at least one is likely to be shuttered. Two others may go digital only. [New York Post]

Do you think print media is dying a slow death?

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Photo Credit: Allure

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Eva Chen Moves On To Instagram

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Eva Chen Is Set To Make A Move! I had planned to tweet Lucky magazine’s vivacious former editor-in-chief, Eva Chen, to inquire about her next career move after Lucky. Eva is not like some fashion insiders, she's actually responsive and appropriately sociable. But it turns out that I don’t have to tweet her, as I received an alert that Eva will be moving on to Instagram as its “Head of Fashion Partnerships." According to reports, Eva will begin her new role at the social media powerhouse at the end of July. 

Eva Chen tells Mashable
I’ll be working closely with stylists, designers, up-and-comers with fun activations and finding new ways to tell fashion stories.
If there's anyone that can pinpoint new ways to tell engaging fashion stories -- that would be Eva. Have you seen her Instagram? She's blessed with an authentic charm, for sure.

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I look forward to learning more about Eva's new role as the Head of Fashion Partnerships. Eva has mastered the art of social media community management, specifically using Instagram, so the position sounds fitting for our style maven. 

Best of luck, Miss. Eva Chen.

XoXo nikki

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Zoë Kravitz for Nylon

Photo Credit: Nylon
Wicked Cool Cover Shot! Nylon is finally climbing its way to my heart. Nylon's edgy millennium girl (look and feel) is hip and cool and 'oh so' Nasty Gal-esque.

Honestly, the only print copy (of Nylon) I own is the March '15 issue with Rita Ora gracing the cover. And I certainly can't wait to pick-up the August issue, b/c I'm a super denim enthusiast as well as a Zoë Kravitz fan. (You might have a new subscriber soon, Ny!)

It's a breath of fresh air to peep some new flavor on the covers of Nylon. I like to read mainstream fashion magazines that showcases various types of  stylish women. (A+)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Kerry Washington: A Woman On The Move With A Purpose. #Isupport

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I read a lot of celebrity interviews and magazine cover stories. Like a whole lot. I even watch interviews on youtube.com, specifically listening closely for the dim messages spoken...that essentially highlights the core values of certain celebrities. And whether they consciously intend to elaborate on those values or not — the beliefs are there — really tune in and you'll hear. Based on those values, I will choose whether or not to support the work or brand of an actress, artist, or author. In other words, dope fashion, punchlines and beats will not suffice. What are you really saying? What are you really about?

I look at the total package. I don't focus solely on "what's trending."

Kerry Washington Is The Total Package.
And she's got my undivided attention! Here's why: Kerry Washington (KW) is an actress and activist that devotes a considerable amount of time on making a difference in the world as it relates to diversity, politics, humanity and ending violence against women [Women's Health]Washington's philanthropic passions are consistent and transparent by way of her (acceptance) speeches, which magnifies the beauty of her brand. Moreover, the acting roles she lands compliments a larger vision in terms of female empowerment, especially her starring role in ABC's hit TV series, Scandal, as Olivia Pope. Washington's enormous love and commitment to all-the-above, as well as her great fashion sense, leaves her fans in awe and wanting more. I study celebs with brands that are infused with worldly impact-driven values and endeavors, like KW. Hash tag, #Isupport

Kerry's Stance On (Person)al Style.
Unless you've been living under a rock, I'm sure you've heard of the Met Gala. A sea of fashion enthusiasts have been banging away on computer keys to write about 'failed' fashion on the Red Carpet. C'mon, do we really care that Kim Kardashian allegedly jacked Beyonce's Met Gala look from a billion years ago? And now according to reports, Queen Bey allegedly has been copying Jelena Karleusa's style for a hot minute. (Jelena, who?) 

Are you guys really wow'ed by this stuff? Kerry and I are not. Hash tag, #EndRant.

Washington was recently quoted in a mainstream fashion magazine 'on style' specifically on criticism. As a result, my admiration and respect for KW tripled. Hash tag, #Isupport.

"I don't like this thing about who got it right and who got it wrong, because we're not all trying to be the same person." - Kerry Washington

Kerry's right: We're not all trying to be the same. Let's remember that :)

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