Monday, March 2, 2015

My 'Mini' Mention Makes Glamour!

Note-To-Yourself! When you pick up your copy of Glamour magazine's March issue (yes, when), be sure to flip to page 64 and check-out my mini mention!!!

Seriously. I'm obsessing over a) How awesome it truly is to be mentioned via the spring issue of a major fashion magazine—however small the mention. b) To see my name only pages away from 50 Shades' Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. Hello? c) To publicly express my love for America's Sweetheart, Reese. Pretty historic. HeHe...

In any event, this is a friendly reminder that very cool people are certainly watching and reading your twitter timeline. With that said, tweet to impress! Opportunity knocks! ;)

Updated 3/3/15 at 9:00 PM:
"Magazine Industry Boasts 10.1% Rise in Readership. For women’s fashion and beauty magazines, the largest audience for the six months was Cosmopolitan (30 million), followed by Glamour (18.3 million)." [Source

Credit: Glamour magazine, March 2015, Page 64
Credit: nikki via Twitter

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Style Resolution To Adopt In The New Year. Grab A Pen & Paper!

Photo Credit: Teen Vogue
Dear, You 'n You. Here's a fun and simple yet necessary style resolution by (self-proclaimed TV Junkie) Romy Oltuski, Assistant Features Editor at Harper's Bazaar:
"I resolve to really edit my closet. It’s time to wear those old favorites or finally let them go." [Source]
Okay it's time to fess up. Now, how many of you own clothes that you haven't worn in months or even years—clothes that you've tucked away in the very back of your closet or at the bottom of your dresser drawer? I'll bet several of you know exactly what I'm talking about. And that's OK. But challenge yourself to take action in the new year; be inspired by Romy's awesome resolution and vow to edit your stylish hearts out.

I organize and edit my closet a few times a year and it's like my birthday, or better yet, it's like Christmas morning! No really. A few of my FAB favorite pieces always seem to resurrect. In terms of "the edit," I put on my style editor thinking cap in efforts to explore how-to wear the oldies (but goodies) in fresh, exciting new ways.

Earlier, I mentioned that Romy's resolution is fun and simple yet necessary. It's fun and simple, because I image myself as Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex And The City closet dress-up scene: I blast my favorite wild and crazy playlist (that includes 7/11 by Beyoncé) literally trying on all of my oldest treasures...deciding what to 'take or toss.' It's a party, indeed. Take a peek at the video below and you'll understand my joy regarding Carrie B. 

And last but certainly not least, the necessary part is important as well...

Photo Credit: Google
Yes, I do come across pieces that I know I'd never wear again. So as I'm dancing and trying on this and that, I sort through and set aside piles of [those pieces] that have exhausted its time with me and I donate the clothes, accessories too, that are in decent condition. Learn about where you can donate via a previous post of mine.

By editing your closet: 1. You saved money, because you found (tucked away) pieces that you forgot you even need to run out and buy that sequin blazer. 2. You re-built your wardrobe by styling older pieces in new trendy ways. 3. You made room in your closet (for that new spring jacket!), due to the piles of clothes that you've donated.

I'm one of those gals who enjoys reading resolutions for the new year. I get inspired by all the optimist goal-setting. Besides, sharing your aspirations will inspire someone out there, somewhere, to try something new. Also, sharing visions of the revised you will help others to understand you as an individual with an evolving mind and sense of self.

How cool is that?

My message to you: Never stop dreaming. Never stop believing. Never stop setting goals. Wishing you all a super adventurous your newly favorite edited outfits! 

XoXo :) nikki

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Friday, November 28, 2014

Perspective on (Person)al Style

"Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you," says Oprah

Photo Credit: nikkistyle
When I think about what excites me since I was a little girl...I think about my 3Cs: colors, concepts and creativity. Therefore, I was sort of destined to fancy the arts, such as fashion and beauty. Both are means to explore who you are, or who you want to be. In other words, the canvas is totally blank—so you can freely express the true you, which is stimulating, and more importantly, subjective. The journey of discovering (person)al style is absolutely fascinating and it energizes the soul.

Confession: I use blogging as a platform to share tidbits that will motivate my readers to have fun while experimenting with this FAB thing we call style. And no, style is not solely about designer shoes and handbags and perfect Saturday selfies, it's more than that. Style illustrates the essence of your authentic self on this earth, from the way you wear your clothes, to the way you speak, to the way you move, to the way you respond to situations. All these elements create a concoction that ultimately forms your (person)al and individual style, especially in a media-saturated era. Sure I read the latest trends and such (Remember, I'm a magazine junkie.), but I don't let them set limits and hinder what I believe style to be. "Different strokes for different folks"; I understand that phrase to its core and aim to provide consultancy services, on a freelance basis, to strengthen personal and company brands. I am excited by my ability to detect the uniqueness of a person, place or thing. Thus, I am thankful to focus and work on super cool branding and writing projects that I wholeheartedly back and believe in.

What does style mean to you?

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Swoon - A Rising Star: UK Singer-Songwriter, Jess Glynne

Photo  Credit

A Rising Star! When I first heard the song "Rather Be" by Clean Bandit I jumped out of my chair and wanted to know who the girl was that's singing. I thought to myself: What a powerful voice, a bit Amy Winehouse-esque. So I Google'd and learned that 24-year-old "Jess Glynne" is the featured artist on the track. Actually, Jess is a featured artist on many tracks with other artists. Look it up. Anyways, Jess is from London, which is no surprise due to the fact that there's a considerable amount of creative talent in the UK.

In an April 2014 sit-down with MTV (UK), Jess talked about her passion for music and being inspired by Frank Ocean, who essentially stuck to creating/developing a unique sound that was somewhat unfamiliar to mainstream music, and then putting a stamp on it — the Frank Ocean stamp. Furthermore, Frank started a career as a ghostwriter for notable artists; people knew Frank's work due to its authenticity. Perhaps Jess is following in Frank's footsteps, by sprinkling her (raw) musical talent as a songwriter and as a featured artist in efforts to build a dynamic portfolio * i.e. obtaining street cred.

Photo Credit
Jess' voice is rock-star quality and her image is original and infused with a standout style. Plus, I have a thing for redheads. [This London Lady] is the real deal — packaged to pounce on the music industry, internationally.

When I am not blogging and freelancing, I'm a FT business operations professional, specifically crunching numbers and managing components of Human Resources. I particularly enjoy the part of my job in which I am searching for, and developing talent. In terms of forecasting, I can spot individuals with rising star potential and I own that expertise. That said, I'm keeping a close eye on Jess Glynee via Twitter. I can't wait to see what's next for the UK beauty.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Publishing Icon, Joanna Coles, Is On The Move. Next Stop: 'Seventeen'

Photo Credit: nytimes
Media Watch! Today I learned that Joanna Coles will become the editorial director of Seventeen magazine. Joanna is not only a powerhouse professional on Editorial Island, but an authentic, credible journalist. Joanna made notable power moves at New York Magazine, Marie Claire and Cosmo, and I'm certain that she will do a knockout job at Seventeen! You might also recognize Coles from Project Runway All Stars as well. 

Seriously. If you're in pursuit of emulating an editor in the publishing industry, I invite you to study and dissect Coles' proven track record; her creative and diverse approach to content strategy is trendy and appealing to a variety of demographic groups (not easy).

Below is one of my favorite clips where Joanna talks about making risky career moves.

"Be open to the idea of opportunity, always take the call, always go for the interview; you just don't know where things are going to lead." "Don't be prescriptive about what you want to do." 

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Friday, August 29, 2014

New York Fashion Week (S/S 2015): "I'm just over the hype." Or Am I...?

Lincoln Center for the J. Crew Spring 2012 via

Hey. Hey. Hey. The kick-off of New York Fashion Week is only days away. And the schedule is posted.

I'll get straight to the point and tell you that I'm looking forward to these two butterflies...

Marissa Webb [Credit]
Mara Hoffman [Source]

Yep-that's it. Marissa and Mara. 

Photo Credit
Thinking out loud. Runway shows are super cool, but I find myself becoming less and less interested in the glitz and overpriced glamour of "fashion week"—and more excited about what goes on behind-the-scenes. Strategic processes is my weakness. I love sitting around a table with highly creative geniuses to make a vision come to life before its debut, the show is merely icing on the cake. And speaking of overpriced glamour, pulling off a spectacular show during "fashion week" is extremely expensive! Why run a deficit year after year to buy $40,000-dollar lighting racks for fall and/or spring shows that run 20-30 minutes behind schedule--with the actual show running for what feels, 7-10 minutes long? That's a tad bit insane. Though some may beg to differ, and that's totally fine. 

However, Bob Bland, CEO of 
Manufacture NY said it best, "You don't have to have a NYFW show every season to have a successful line, and it really is dependent on what your line is about." [Source]  That said, there are many talented designers that are not in the mainstream forefront: Sneak a peek at the S/S '15 schedule. Did your favorite designers make the cut? Maybe so, maybe not. And if not, take it with a grain of salt, because they're most likely shining in other ways, at other places. Personally, I prefer intimate fashion presentations that allow its onlookers to study and appreciate the garmentsnot bolt to the next show. 

(No shade, I'm just over the hype.)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sarah Jessica Parker Doesn't Understand 'Mean Girls'

Photo Credit:

“I can’t STAND [it] when women say UNFRIENDLY things to other women. WHY does it have to be like that?” — Sarah Jessica Parker

Dear Sarah Jessica,  
The fact that women can be so cruel and unsupportive towards one another is unfortunately the norm and has been for decades. Thanks to social media, hurtful commentary has only skyrocketed because it is wicked easy to 'bump them gums' anonymously. Though admittedly, I've seen considerable improvement by way of well-known women in media promoting sisterhood, like Tyra Banks and Love In The City's Chenoa Maxwell
However, unfriendliness, as you say, will continue to suck the life out of humanity if women do not seek understanding as it pertains to their own insecurities (first) — fix or accept them — and perhaps some of the negative energy that is clogging up the universe will start to fade. A lack of self-awareness, I believe, is a mental sickness that hinders ones ability to grow, prosper, and see/accept the inner and surface beauty in others. Eckhart Tolle's thoughts on awareness is brilliant, and I invite all to read a few lines.
Photo Credit: Pinterest
In closing, no, it doesn't have to [be like that] Sarah Jessica; the act of kindness starts with self: I learned that kindness is infectious, yep. And I never hesitate to congratulate another female on a job-well-done, or stop her in the streets to tell her she's absolutely gorgeous. Those exchanges will not only spread like wildflowers, but will create room for new friendships. 
Thanks for asking the question, Sarah Jessica, it's an important one. So, Ladies of the World, will you join the #Kind campaign?
Being "kind" upgrades personal style adding just a simple touch of unforgettable awesomeness to any outfit — an accessory that's always on-trend;) nikki
Source: The Edit

Friday, August 8, 2014

Some of My Favorite Websites

Direct Marketing News
Happy Friday! So, all week long I've been sharing my favorite websites on Twitter. And no, they're not style or fashion blogs (this week...); the sites I've shared are geared towards professional and personal development with a creative twist -- very clean platforms that have a wealth of knowledge and brilliant takeaways. Also, they're guaranteed to prompt right brain arousal! Hello? Cheers to stimulation. Below are my shares. What are YOUR favorite lifestyle sites?

XoXo :) nikki

The Everygirl
Career Contessa

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Too Many Magazines. What To Do? FAB Readers, YIKES, Help Me Out.

Photo Credit:
Brainstorming! I have 7 years worth of magazines, yes seven. That's a whole lot of time to be collecting something; what you see in the [image above] is not even a 1/4.

I started to, unintentionally, build a magazine collection around the same time I started blogging about fashion, style, and beauty. Magazine articles and images gave me inspiration for new blog posts, encouraged me to stay current with what's trending, what's hot, what's not, as well as allowed me to gain a better understanding about the publishing industry as a whole. I enjoyed staying in-the-know regarding staff movement (i.e. new EICs, new editors, new writers, new contributors, etc.), and still do! Furthermore, it's really interesting to learn how readers respond to selected mag content, via social media.

Photo Credit: Social Ribbit
But I'm faced with having to make a decision: What should I do with all these magazines? Sure, I will certainly continue to store the glossies that I know I will refer back to which consist of my fave articles and cover stories. But other than that, what do I do with the rest? I thought about charity, or giving some to a University—ugh I just want to see my beloved magazines be put to good use. So, I'm making it my mission to figure out a plan: And I'll create a mind-map to help me brainstorm ;)

Aside from recycling and creating personal collages and vision boards, what have you done with your old(er) magazines? 

Talk to me: , or @nikkistyle
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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Model Spotlight: Dominique Armorer

Noteworthy! I was not able to find a lot of "press" but from what I have read, International Fashion Model, Dominique Armorer is known to rip the Caribbean runways. According to Coco Velvet International Fashion and Model Mgmt., Dominique was first discovered in San Fernando, Trinidad & Tobago (yasss bish!) — my daaalin' daddy's home country, which is why I had to spotlight Dominique *wink*

In any event, it's no secret that diversity is lacking on fashion runways and in magazines, so I make it my business to shine a light on talented brown beauties that we must pay attention to: Did you hear that mainstream media folks? I'm talking to you! 

Following is Dominique's model stats: Height- 5'10" | Bust- 34 | Waist- 24 | Hips- 34 | Dress- 4 | Shoe- 9.5 | Hair- BLACK | Eyes- BROWN

Click here to browse Dominique's profile, and follow her on Instagram. 

From The Archives
Issue 80 "True Beauty"
Photo Credit: FMD

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Let's Get It Trending: #LoveInTheCity

From left to right: Chenoa, Tiffany, Bershan, Kiyah [Source]
Love In The City is a phenomenal docu-series on OWN Network about four fabulous friends embracing both life's charms and challenges in New York City; "they are learning that there is much more than just sex in the city." #Pow

Photo Credit: Source
Here's my round-up of the cast of characters: Bershan Shaw is the supportive best friend; she is genuine with a can't stop/won't stop outlook on life despite insecurities. Chenoa Maxwell is a bit eccentric. I haven't quite figured her out yet, but I do sense that Chenoa is hard on the outside and fragile on the inside; outward vulnerability is far-fetched. And, I'm about to go out on a limb with this: I think Chenoa is the friend that most is envious of, because she appears to be so well put together regarding mental strength, style, and sophistication. C's intriguing. Kiyah Wright is the cool "tell it like it is" friend that enjoys a good time—cocktail in hand—especially after a long day of beautifying females at the salon (prob listening to endless drama. Draining!) Tiffany Jones is the petite, cutesy friend (w/sass!) Tiffany has a snap-back personality, BUT it's a characteristic that's useful for someone that's constantly raising awareness for philanthropic causes. Tiffany likes to be heard and you'll hear her all right...the voice is piercing :) 

The show is a realistic portrayal as it relates to the lives of everyday African-American women (actually, all women) that are either married, single, searching, or satisfied. And from artsy to advocacy, all four women are professionals with admirable careers and aspirations. Ah yes, finally, a show that's not ratch-ay. I haven't seen any physical brawls, the word "bitches" has not been blurted out every 10 seconds, and malicious gossip is pretty much non-existing. These are women that I can relate to; these are "my" friends. 

Watch Love In The City on OWN, Saturdays at 10/9c. Let's get it trending!

XoXo :) nikki

Photo Credit: Hype Hair