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Premiere: Project Runway Season 10

Re-Cap & Commentary | Project Runway aired the first episode of its 10th season yesterday–and I believe the majority of viewers were absolutely thrilled to welcome back Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and Tim Gunn, as we missed the fabulous four during Project Runway All Stars. Like I said before, how could ‘they' have done an All Stars show and not include the stars? (ex. Heidi, Michael, Nina, and Tim)  

Season 10 Designers REVEALED
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Tim Gunn introduces himself to the 16 designers, and welcomes them to Parsons. Gunn told the designers that the first challenge is to make an outfit that describes their "design esthetic.” Cool. Yet that’s not it–Gunn threw a curveball at the bright-eyed rookie designers and told them that they will present their work to a huge audience in Times Square, New York City.

Seriously. I would've pissed my pants.
Times Square? Huge crowd? Judgmental people from all over the world? Yikes!

Next, the designers head to Mood to purchase fabric in efforts to make something that would not only compliment their design esthetic, but to also 'wow' the judges. And in terms of accessorizing (the outfits), Gunn encourages the designers to incorporate pieces from the Lord & Taylor accessory wall. Um, what happened to Piperlime?

Highlights, According to Nikki...

The Fan Faves.Christopher Palu ended the night as "Fan Favorite" at 29% followed by Ven Budhu at 14%. Sonjia Williams came in third place with 9% of the votes.

Meow, Meow, Meow.Is there a catfight brewing between Gunnar (who made a comeback from getting cut last season) and fan fave Christopher? Perhaps. Those two didn’t waste any time tearing at each other’s throats … and about nonsense, as per usual.

My goodness. The both of them are so extra … I love it though! Hello? Drama. Ratings. 

Quote.“Everyone should love everyone,” says Sonjia Williams as she cuts away in the workroom. (pause) Aw that's so cute. But sorry honey this is reality TV ... "love" will get your a*s sent home–alone–that means no Fashion Week, and a lack of followers.

Seriously though, Williams is adorable! I can’t wait to see her shake things up a bit. 

Words by Tim Gunn that you don't want coming out of his mouth while in the workroom: “I’m not understanding.” “I don’t get it.” Translation: Get your act together sweetheart, or else you don’t stand a chance; so make it work damn-it.

On The Runway. Who made THE CUT? 
  • Judges: Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia
  • Guest Judges: Lauren Graham, Patricia Field
  • Mentor: Tim Gunn

Heidi expresses that she was impressed with all the garments that came down the runway. The following designers were called forward, as having the highest and lowest scores:

Beatrice, Christopher, Koonan, Lantie, Melissa, and Ven.

In a nutshell, Heidi was not attracted to Beatrice’s designs and said they “looked too sad.” Michael Kors didn’t fancy Christopher’s overall styling, but Heidi did love the gown Chris made and called it Red-Carpet-Ready (which was a force, in my opinion). Patricia Field believed Koonan’s designs had a "strong point of view," and Heidi chimed in saying that “it’s odd, it’s strange, but intriguing at the same time."

The judges pretty much had nothing nice to say about Lantie’s designs. Words like “sad” and “horrifying” were used to describe Lantie’s looks–and Patricia called her talent “one step below design.” OUCH! Melissa’s designs "looked current," said Heidi. Lauren added that the presentation told a story of coolness. Nina thought Ven’s designs were “technically very good,” and Heidi commented that both designs worked with each other.

Moment Of Truth...

  • Winner of Episode. 1: Christopher (how ironic … being Fan Favorite and all) 
  • Bottom Two: Beatrice and Lantie. Beatrice was sent packing, thank you Jesus. 

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