Thursday, June 2, 2011

HONEY MAGAZINE, gone again?

Photo Credit: Unknown Source
HONEY was one of my favorite publications. I loved everything about the mag. The content was  fresh and currentand related to popular culture. So what happened? 

No new content has been published on since March 2011, the mag's Facebook account is dominated by horrid cobwebs because the Wall has not been updated since July 2010, and its Twitter account no longer exists.

I was really rooting for HONEY's 2007 comeback when it served as a central hub for blogs, following the lives of over 35 bloggers in eight countries (which included mine)
and then again during the 2009 re-launch i.e. face-lift of the Website. Now, all I hear are cricket noises for the past three months or so.  

TALK TO ME - If anyone has details about the "sun setting" of HONEY magazine, @ reply me on
Twitter, or email me at I am eager to find out what's going on!

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