Wednesday, June 1, 2011

EXCLUSIVE! INTERVIEW with Elle's Senior Accessories Editor, Kyle Anderson

By Jahn Hall

A Chat with Kyle... I almost crapped my pants (kidding!) when I found out that Elle magazine’s SENIOR ACCESSORIES EDITOR, Kyle Anderson, agreed to an interview for This was a MAJUR ‘O-M-G’ moment! Com’on ...  Elle? Anyone who’s anyone reads Elle magazine—and I am lucky enough to get the inside scoop from an accessories editor guru who works for a top fashion publication.  

Kyle and I covered so much fabulousness that this is only part one of a two-part interview. So grab a fruity cocktail—poolside if you’re a rock star—your laptop or Smartphone and get-to-know Kyle Anderson the person, and how he landed the gig at Elle (the job a million girls would kill for, including me!)

Bryanboy and Kyle Anderson in Morocco
Nikki: Darling! How are you? How was Morocco?
Kyle: Hi Nikki, doing great! Morocco was amazing. It was somewhere that I had always dreamed of visiting, a sort of mysterious place that not everyone has the opportunity to visit. I had a great time traveling with [renowned fashion blogger] Bryanboy as well. We definitely have a lot of stories to tell.

You’re currently Elle’s senior accessories editor; previously you worked as the magazine’s associate accessories editor. WOW—that’s a major leap! What has [that] transition been like?
Kyle: I started off at Elle over 6 years ago as an intern, then a freelancer, assistant, associate, editor, and now senior editor. I was lucky. Elle was my dream job—and I got it! I cover a pretty big market, all American and Italian designers. I really feel like it’s a good fit for me. Working in New York … it’s great to be able to have Americans as my market, and also I really love Italian fashion. I’m not that Avant-garde. I really like Milan’s sexy and more wearable style than Paris. I love Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Cavalli, Pucci, and Prada.

"I had 6 internships and loved magazines. I loved everything about it!"

At what moment did you know you wanted to become an accessories editor?
Kyle: Well, originally as a child I thought I wanted to be a designer or a stylist. I took some classes at FIT and I realized being a designer isn’t anything I wanted to do at all—maybe accessories, but not RTW [Ready To Wear]. I had 6 internships and loved magazines. I loved everything about it! Seeing the most beautiful things in the world as they come in the office for our shoots is exciting. We never get bored because we do something new and different every day. So to answer the question: I knew since elementary school that I wanted to work in fashion. And I definitely only wanted to be an editor probably after I started interning. I interned at Esquire, CosmoGirl, Marie Clarie, Vogue and Elle.

You are always going to the coolest appointments and sharing the most rock star behind-the-scenes pictures via your Tumblr page. I think the other day you were rubbing elbows with folks at the Victoria’s Secret headquarters—I’m so jelly! Walk me through a typical day as a senior accessories editor at Elle.
Kyle: Usually I start my appointments at the designers’ showrooms about 8:30 A.M. and finish appointments around lunchtime. I usually do like 6 per day. I cover everything in America from mass market brands to major designers like Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren. In the afternoon I work on finding and calling-in things I've seen all season at the many appointments. I take digital pictures of everything I see and email them with the shoot info to get the samples. It’s fun! It’s like a scavenger hunt for the coolest best things to fit each story.
Andrej Pejic, Kyle Anderson and Andrew Young at the Dossier Party NYC.

What is the best thing about your job?
Kyle: The best thing is seeing new things. I get bored very easily. The newness makes me excited! After a show or an appointment it’s like taking a drug, you feel high and excited to have seen amazing things, or on the other hand, disappointed when you don’t. Though, every designer has their off season so there is always something amazing waiting around the next corner.

Tune in next week, as Kyle Anderson talks all about SPRING/SUMMER TRENDS! You don't want to miss it!

Photo Credit: Kyle Anderson's Tumblr

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