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ELLE MAGAZINE'S Kyle Anderson Talks Spring 2011 Trends For

As promised, here's Part II of my interview with Elle magazine's Senior Accessories Editor, Kyle Anderson!

Nikki: I read that you loved the Giuseppe Zanotti Mirror High Heel sandals last spring (2010). In regards to footwear, what do you love this spring?

Kyle: I tend to love things that are sexy, sparkly, very high heels and a bit crazy. I love Rock n’ Roll—and I always love leopard for shoes. For spring we are seeing a lot of bright colors, natural materials, and very high heels and wedges. One of my favorite shoes this season is the men-inspired Oxford Lace-Up Platform wedges from Prada in black; and I love the sexy strappy Python Knee-High sandal boots from Pucci.

Nikki: In terms of accessories (handbags, jewelry, shoes, etc.), what are the hottest color trends this season? Are you feeling bright neon colors?

Kyle: Not so much neon. But yes, a lot of bright colors and python. For bags and shoes, I think color and python are great. If you aren't into bright-colored accessories go for something python (in a classic shape, and in a natural python color like tan or brown). For jewelry, our stylists go for statement pieces instead of personal little things. I’d say this season is more about gold; we always love the jewelry at Lanvin.

"I think in fashion there are no rules anymore..."
-Kyle Anderson

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Nikki: “Mixing Metals”—do or don’t?

Kyle: I think in fashion there are no rules anymore. Yes you can mix metals—you can do whatever you want. I personally don’t mix. But last year we saw a really big trend in mixed metal pieces and that really kind of made me think differently: So many designers (especially Balenciaga) had jewelry collections with gold and silver mixed colors. Now I’m open to it ... maybe for styling, but not for me personally. I wear silver colors. And I don’t wear jewelry except maybe my Rolex or something from Chrome Hearts.

Nikki: What are some timeless accessory pieces that should remain in a woman's and man’s wardrobe, regardless of the current trends?

Kyle: I can probably talk more about women’s accessories than men’s. But if you want to spend some money and invest in something that you can wear for the rest of your life, you will not waste your money buying a black Kelly or Birkin bag. You can wear [it] every day for the rest of your life! Or the classic Chanel quilted bag in black ... you will wear it literally thousands of times—everyone loves them. I always tell people if you look at the pictures of “It girls” from the 50s, 60s, 70s, they wear the same bags as the “It girls” do today. So buy those bags and wear them to death! You will love them.

kyle on shoes - Buy a few classics like a pointy toe Manolo pump in black, tan and/or nude, or a Louboutin pump in the same colors.

kyle on watches - Invest in a beautiful watch like a gold Rolex or Cartier and just wear it every day. You don’t need tons of shoes, watches and bags ... just get the right ones and wear them often. I’d rather invest in a bag or a watch and wear cheaper clothes (in basics) from Zara or something—and enjoy my accessories and let them speak for my style instead of the clothes. I like basic clothes ... and love fab accessories!

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