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A Style Resolution To Adopt In The New Year. Grab A Pen & Paper!

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Dear, You 'n You. Here's a fun and simple yet necessary style resolution by (self-proclaimed TV Junkie) Romy Oltuski, Assistant Features Editor at Harper's Bazaar:
"I resolve to really edit my closet. It’s time to wear those old favorites or finally let them go." [Source]
Okay it's time to fess up. Now, how many of you own clothes that you haven't worn in months or even years—clothes that you've tucked away in the very back of your closet or at the bottom of your dresser drawer? I'll bet several of you know exactly what I'm talking about. And that's OK. But challenge yourself to take action in the new year; be inspired by Romy's awesome resolution and vow to edit your stylish hearts out.

I organize and edit my closet a few times a year and it's like my birthday, or better yet, it's like Christmas morning! No really. A few of my FAB favorite pieces always seem to resurrect. In terms of "the edit," I put on my style editor thinking cap in efforts to explore how-to wear the oldies (but goodies) in fresh, exciting new ways.

Earlier, I mentioned that Romy's resolution is fun and simple yet necessary. It's fun and simple, because I image myself as Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex And The City closet dress-up scene: I blast my favorite wild and crazy playlist (that includes 7/11 by BeyoncĂ©) literally trying on all of my oldest treasures...deciding what to 'take or toss.' It's a party, indeed. Take a peek at the video below and you'll understand my joy regarding Carrie B. 

And last but certainly not least, the necessary part is important as well...

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Yes, I do come across pieces that I know I'd never wear again. So as I'm dancing and trying on this and that, I sort through and set aside piles of [those pieces] that have exhausted its time with me and I donate the clothes, accessories too, that are in decent condition. Learn about where you can donate via a previous post of mine.

By editing your closet: 1. You saved money, because you found (tucked away) pieces that you forgot you even need to run out and buy that sequin blazer. 2. You re-built your wardrobe by styling older pieces in new trendy ways. 3. You made room in your closet (for that new spring jacket!), due to the piles of clothes that you've donated.

I'm one of those gals who enjoys reading resolutions for the new year. I get inspired by all the optimist goal-setting. Besides, sharing your aspirations will inspire someone out there, somewhere, to try something new. Also, sharing visions of the revised you will help others to understand you as an individual with an evolving mind and sense of self.

How cool is that?

My message to you: Never stop dreaming. Never stop believing. Never stop setting goals. Wishing you all a super adventurous your newly favorite edited outfits! 

XoXo :) nikki

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  1. I love reorganizing my closet and cleaning it out every few months! i feel so accomplished after haha.


  2. Amen! Organizing my closet is seriously one of my favorite activities!