Saturday, November 30, 2013

The "Good" Citizen :) 'Tis The Season To Donate Used/Not-So-Used Goods

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Life & Style Notes! I spent a chunk of time yesterday reorganizing my closet and parting ways with things that I haven't worn, or used in forever. If I haven't touched something in my closet in the last 3 years (excluding vintage), I will most likely sever ties. For example, I've been holding on to a red Baby Phat clutch for several years -- need I say more? That said, I never throw things away as someone else could possibly use them.

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Dress For Success Charity Drive
Donating to charity is one of my civic duties... organizations like Dress for Success will accept clothing donations at affiliate locations around the world, specifically business attire and accessories for disadvantage women who aspire to thrive in the business world. Moreover, earlier this year, Elle published a fab list of places to donate clothing, and I encourage you all to take a look! Honestly, I never understood why/how people could trash perfectly good clothes. C'mon. Really? Simply box them up ... D O N A T E

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