Saturday, May 10, 2014

Model Spotlight: Dominique Armorer

Noteworthy! I was not able to find a lot of "press" but from what I have read, International Fashion Model, Dominique Armorer is known to rip the Caribbean runways. According to Coco Velvet International Fashion and Model Mgmt., Dominique was first discovered in San Fernando, Trinidad & Tobago (yasss bish!) — my daaalin' daddy's home country, which is why I had to spotlight Dominique *wink*

In any event, it's no secret that diversity is lacking on fashion runways and in magazines, so I make it my business to shine a light on talented brown beauties that we must pay attention to: Did you hear that mainstream media folks? I'm talking to you! 

Following is Dominique's model stats: Height- 5'10" | Bust- 34 | Waist- 24 | Hips- 34 | Dress- 4 | Shoe- 9.5 | Hair- BLACK | Eyes- BROWN

Click here to browse Dominique's profile, and follow her on Instagram. 

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  1. The model is pretty.