Saturday, May 3, 2014

Let's Get It Trending: #LoveInTheCity

From left to right: Chenoa, Tiffany, Bershan, Kiyah [Source]
Love In The City is a phenomenal docu-series on OWN Network about four fabulous friends embracing both life's charms and challenges in New York City; "they are learning that there is much more than just sex in the city." #Pow

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Here's my round-up of the cast of characters: Bershan Shaw is the supportive best friend; she is genuine with a can't stop/won't stop outlook on life despite insecurities. Chenoa Maxwell is a bit eccentric. I haven't quite figured her out yet, but I do sense that Chenoa is hard on the outside and fragile on the inside; outward vulnerability is far-fetched. And, I'm about to go out on a limb with this: I think Chenoa is the friend that most is envious of, because she appears to be so well put together regarding mental strength, style, and sophistication. C's intriguing. Kiyah Wright is the cool "tell it like it is" friend that enjoys a good time—cocktail in hand—especially after a long day of beautifying females at the salon (prob listening to endless drama. Draining!) Tiffany Jones is the petite, cutesy friend (w/sass!) Tiffany has a snap-back personality, BUT it's a characteristic that's useful for someone that's constantly raising awareness for philanthropic causes. Tiffany likes to be heard and you'll hear her all right...the voice is piercing :) 

The show is a realistic portrayal as it relates to the lives of everyday African-American women (actually, all women) that are either married, single, searching, or satisfied. And from artsy to advocacy, all four women are professionals with admirable careers and aspirations. Ah yes, finally, a show that's not ratch-ay. I haven't seen any physical brawls, the word "bitches" has not been blurted out every 10 seconds, and malicious gossip is pretty much non-existing. These are women that I can relate to; these are "my" friends. 

Watch Love In The City on OWN, Saturdays at 10/9c. Let's get it trending!

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