Monday, August 12, 2013

You Can Wear Animal Print To Work, And I've Got The 'How-To' Formula!

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Style Notes! I work in a business casual environment -- and am always looking for ways to incorporate my favorite weekend pieces into my work wardrobe. (If you're a reader of my blog...then you know I love transitional pieces!) For example, animal print clothing and accessories can be loud and a bit obnoxious, especially in the workplace. Here's a noteworthy tip: tone-it-down. Last week, I wore a strapless knee-length animal print dress coupled with a yellow cardigan, and went to work feeling stylishly appropriate.

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I've said time and time again...animal print can be all types of tacky if not styled correctly. If you want to  wear animal print anything to work, tone down other elements (nails, hair, shoes); have them appear soft—in color and texturein efforts to obtain the right balance. Otherwise, you'll look a bit hooch...and that's not preferable, I'm sure. Now don't get me wrong, some co-workers might give you props for your dare devil style, but I guarantee you that most will not be calling you a "professional colleague" anytime soon. So, just remember one thing: think balance when wearing animal print to work. In other words, offset the vulgarity (animal print) by mixing with simple, solid yet feminine colors.

In addition to yellow, I soOo like to pair animal print with basic and neutral colors, such a dark green, warm brown, nude, deep purple; and classic black and royal blue, too! Share your tips for wearing animal print to work, either below in the comment section, or on Twitter!

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