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Transitional Style: Summer Nights, And Fall Days ... 'The Cropped Pant'

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Crippen via Vogue
Talk Back! There's nothing better than a cropped pant and high heels; it elongates your body adding about 3 to 5 inches! And who doesn't want height? While reading Vogue's article, (Susie Crippen's) Ten Tips for Looking Good in Cropped Pants, I was pleased to read attainable style advice geared toward most of us cropped-pant-lovers. In the picture above, four (4) different cropped pant looks are featured -- tell me (I want to know), which is more your style? Personally, I love outfits with a little edge that says I'm in control, and would wear (from left to right) Look #2 and Look #4.

Re: Look #4 -- I heart a plunging neckline; it showcases a flattering silhouette.  

Hey, Stylistas! Want to Wear Cropped Pants? Read Susie Crippen's Ten How-To Tips:
When wearing skinny cropped pants . . . 
1. The leg needs to be short: I am five foot five and I get all my inseams hemmed to 25 inches so there is a good amount of skin showing. I am convinced this makes me look taller. 
2. The leg opening should be as narrow as possible. Have them taken in if necessary. 
3. On the subject of tops and shoes, a good heel, like my white Céline pump, works with an oversize men’s shirt. I like the contrast of feminine with masculine. 
4. With a simple T-shirt, I wear a statement flat sandal that has a bit of flash. 
5. In snow or rain, I love pairing skinny cropped pants with a short engineer boot, oversize sweater, and a good raincoat. 
When wearing wide-leg cropped pants . . . 
1. This is my new favorite shape. I am all about playing with the notion of clothes that are oversize and still sexy. It reminds me of pictures of Lauren Bacall and Katharine Hepburn in the forties. There are so many great flats and booties out there right now that make it easy to create a really feminine look with a looser trouser or jean. 
2. Even more than with skinnies, the inseam has to be short enough to make them looked cropped—not just poorly hemmed. Above the ankle is my hard and fast rule. 
3. This fall, I can’t want to wear them with a fitted sweater to make the look a bit more sexy. 
4. The best choice for a tall ankle boot is one that hugs your ankle. That shape creates a beautiful silhouette and you avoid looking like the guy walking on stilts at the circus. Knee-length boots are also good under wide-leg cropped trousers if the boot is fitted to your leg. 
5. Wide-leg pants are also great with a midheel like Roger Vivier. 
Final Tid-Bits for Wearing Cropped Pants: If you're short and want to look taller, wear cropped pants with heels. Similarly, if you're tall and want to look taller, wear cropped pants with heels (maybe a kitten heel). However, if you're tall and don't want to look taller, wear cropped pants with flats. See? #StyleOptions for all. I like attainable style. xx :) -ns

 Video: Meet Susie Crippen

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