Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Au revoir, Summer Colors

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Style Notes | Like most nail polish fanatics, I am flipping through fashion glossies (i.e. September issuestrying to decide on this fall's signature colors. I mainly rocked pink, green, and blue shades over the summer. However, as the season changes, I am making a few adjustments of my own, as I hunt for a color or two that's new, fresh, and completely different from what I'm used to wearing.

Color Trends, Fall 2012 A variety of nail colors are trending this fall, such as dark shades, navy blue, teal, purple, cocoa hues, metallics, gray, burnish and "blood" reds, classic nude, and the list goes on, and on. And with a gazillion colors to choose from -- I'll just try colors I like.

Nail colors that compliment my caramel skin tone (as well as my outfits of choice!) will be my priority -- even if the decided upon signature colors are not on-trend. Still, I do glimpse the trend reports for cool ideas: The Ultimate Fall 2012 Nail Polish Guide

Re-capping: My 2012 Summer Colors

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