Saturday, August 18, 2012

"Go On Green" by OPI

Exhibit A: After three coats of polish.
Beauty Notes! I took a short break from my signature Sally Hansen nail colors and polished up with (a different brand) "Go on Green" by OPI. At the store, the color looked really cool in the bottle, so I bought it. Then I put the pedal-to-the-medal and raced home to try out my new color. The Verdict: Not exactly thrilled by the process.

After applying the 1st coat I loathed the color, it looked way too dingy. However, I refused to quit and was determined to make good on my buy, so I applied a 2nd coat in hopes that the color would look better. Still no luck. I didn't like it. So I applied a 3rd coat and finally, Walla! But it took a gazillion years to dry. I wasn't particularly thrilled about that. I don't have the patience to apply three coats of the same nail polish color...then a clear coat...and then have to wait until forever for my nails to dry. What is that? [Exhibit A.]

Spoiled? Perhaps. I've been using Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri™ consistently for months, and I must say that the brand sure does live up to the expectation of 
Fast Dry Nail Color. And one coat will usually suffice. I guess I'm just a Sally Girl.

XoXo :) nikki

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