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How-To Build a Knockout Wardrobe With Lucky Magazine's Brandon Holley

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So, I just finished watching a quick video clip featuring Lucky's Editor-In-Chief, Brandon Holley as she shared invaluable fashion tips, specifically, tidbits that I personally live by in which inspires me to build a knockout wardrobe. 

Ready? Here we go.

1. Before you make a trip to the mall, start in YOUR OWN CLOSET. 
  • You might find several hidden gems -- and probably clothes you forgot you had.

2. The Golden Rule: arrange your closet by color.
  • Each week after doing (my) laundry, I spend a few hours re-arranging my closet by color. This very simple and fun task makes it easier for me to pull together outfits for the upcoming week. And, I feel so much more organized. 

3. Always rely on basics.
  • So true. Some of Brandon's "basics" consists of flats and boater shirts -- some of my basics are scoop neck t-shirts (in black, gray, navy blue), a waist-length denim jacket, black pumps, and a solid color hobo in green

4. Make a fashion statement by mixing "the basic" with signature pieces. 
  • For example, I would wear a basic t-shirt and a pair of jeans, and then spruce up the outfit by adding arm candy, such as my gold bangles with pops of color.

5. Shop, Shop, Shop. 
  • I know. Many of us are conservative with money these days (and rightfully so). Therefore, if you don't have the funds just window-shop for ideas. I do this this all of the time, and PIN pics of looks I'm loving on my inspiration board.

Video: Fashion Tips By Lucky's Brandon Holley


Lastly ... To Photoshop, or Not To Photoshop

MediaBistro states: Lucky Magazine's Brandon Holley says a magazine without photoshopping would sell "10 copies." I think Brandon makes a valid point.

I am not certain that I would purchase a fashion magazine with some random individual on the cover, because truthfully, I want to be kept abreast of the latest celebrity gossip and spy on what they're wearing. Also -- the many pages of ad porn is visually stimulating.

Frankly, if I want to see that "everyday girl" I can click on a fashion blog and browse FOR FREE (there are literally thousands!) Just being honest. Besides, pretty much all fashion magazines have blogs in which they spotlight "street style," like ELLE's Street Chic.

So anyways, if there's a little photoshopping in print mags ... eh oh well ... no tears here.

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