Saturday, August 4, 2012

Episode 3: Project Runway Season 10

Raul (middle)
Commentary! I don’t feel like re-capping Thursday night's episode … the entire footage was just womp womp. I felt as though the challenge -- was way too challenging -- for all the designers, expect for Ven, of course (who was tonight's challenge winner ... again!) 

The designers looked unenthusiastic during episode three. Perhaps, I should blame poor editing? Anyways. Not enough excitement. Not enough drama. Not enough innovation and execution in terms of design and construction.

That being said, the right person was eliminated on Thursday (8/2). Bye, Raul

After watching three full episodes, I finally decided to vote for a “fan favorite,” and am on #TeamVen, but that can change as early as next week. Ven's designs have been consistently clean, finished, and wearable. And, he does have a strong point of view as a designer. Furthermore, Ven appears to be serious about being Season 10's winner as well as the best (authentic) designer he can be; I like his work ethic.

My fingers are crossed for Sonjia, Melissa, and Dmitry; they have something special. 

Photos: Ven in the Workroom

The Workroom: Episode 1

The Workroom: Episode 2

The Workroom: Episode 3

Photo Credit: Lifetime

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  1. Definitely love Ven's work -- stay tuned, I'll have a Q&A post with Raul on my blog soon :)