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Best & Worst-Dressed Celebs at the Globes: "Fashion Police" Round-Up

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An E! Red Carpet Review! 
Did you miss the Fashion Police: Golden Globes Special on E!? No prob, I got you.

The Crew: Joan Rivers, Kelly Osbourne, Giuliana Rancic and George Kotsiopoulos did a round-up of the best and worst-dressed celebrities on the Red Carpet at the Golden Globe Awards 2012. Below is the re-cap. (Kate Beckinsale did not make [their] Best-Dressed list. Argh! But she certainly made mine)

           E!'s Best-Dressed Celebs           

No. 1 - Angelina Jolie 
(Nikki says, "Eh...")

No. 2 - Emma Stone 
(Nikki says, "Really? Best-Dressed?")

No. 3 - Charlize Theron 
(Nikki says, "Absolutely Gorge!") 

          E!'s Worst-Dressed Celebs          

No. 1 - Lea Michele 
(Nikki says, "Tragic.")

No. 2 - Elle MacPherson 
(Nikki says, "Not too bad.")

No. 3 - Sarah Michelle Gellar 
(Nikki says, "Different. Not completely horrid 
yet not exactly a 'Golden Globes' gown.")

What's your take? Do you agree with the Fashion Police Crew? Do you agree with my responses in green? Leave a comment, or @ reply me on Twitter.

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  1. Couldn't agree more with you on that tragic look from Lea Michele, what was that?!

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    Manu Luize.