"Style is a story..." -nikki
From scrap-booking magazine articles, to forecasting and analyzing trends, to managing behind-the-scenes' creative and business processes—that’s a day-in-a-life of nikkistyle™.

Nikki first became interested in style as a young girl, which she discovered an undeniable appreciation for colors, concepts, and creativity. Nikki embraced storytelling at the tender age of 8, and wrote creative material to submit to local anthologies. Fast-forwarding to adulthood, Nikki realizes that personal style has great potential to empower and express individuality and spotlight various ideas of style and beauty. Nikki uses media platforms to tell those stories. 

Rundown On Content. Nikki enjoys writing about life + style. In '07, she launched her first style blog and published newsworthy content that gave her readers the latest inside info on trends, inspiring style, and most importantly, provided resources that embrace individualism. Today, Nikki continues to blog, but now works closely with clients behind-the-scenes on content strategy and branding

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Media Buzz. Nikki has worked on a wide range of editorial projects: Bios, celebrity profiles, feature articles, and interviews. Nikki emphasizes the importance of fact-checking during the editing process and has a natural knack for highlighting exclusive details.

Nikki's editorial and writing techniques ensure the development of rock solid "buzz worthy" concepts, and the creation of extraordinary print and Web materials. 

Nikki holds a Bachelors degree in industrial psychology, and a Masters degree in business administration.