Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Print Media Still Has A Pulse: September Issues On Newsstands

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September's Trending! The other day me and probably 99.9 percent of the fashion industry scurried to pick-up every September issue pertaining to style and beauty. We've been also "liking" photo-after-photo on Instagram of fashion enthusiasts proudly showing off their stacks. September issues are generally finger-licking thick, and consists of overwhelming amounts of ads and free sample perfume scents. Speaking of size, Self is the thinnest magazine in my pile. (Ha!) Pun intended, or nah?  

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I spend a lot of time studying and analyzing content and creative direction. Like reading, it's my way to escape into the creative minds of brilliant individuals in the world. Sometimes I'm so wow'ed by an ad -- that I fixate on it and often wonder what the brainstorming session(s) was like -- to produce such a magnificent concept. I'm a geek like that! Also, I have a keen eye for good journalism and do read selected stories (what's left of them), as well as stay on top of emerging runway and pop culture fashion trends.

Print's Alive. Come. On. I know I'm not the only one that enjoys the hands-on experience of touching and reading a magazine while sipping a latte...and clipping outfits to post on (mood) bulletin boards...and bookmarking articles using colorful post-it sticky notes. Right? Well. Let us be sure to bask in these moment, because the conversation about whether or not print media is dying a slow death is still up for debate.

"Print vs. Digital" talks are interesting as it relates to evolution, for sure. However, we must consider the consumer in efforts to keep a thoughtful, sustainable balance: Not every reader has the means to purchase, nor has access to, technology. And (holy catastrophe) what if the world goes dark for weeks with no electricity and mobile data - then what?

Dear Publishing Industry: We can't go full-blown digital yet; we're not ready on so many levels. Disclaimer: I'm not bias and this is not an attempt to save print. Okay, yeah it is.


Photo Credit: Root Studio (Print vs. Digital), Mind Your Black Business (Infographic)

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  1. I enjoy flipping through mags!