Monday, September 29, 2014

Publishing Icon, Joanna Coles, Is On The Move. Next Stop: 'Seventeen'

Photo Credit: nytimes
Media Watch! Today I learned that Joanna Coles will become the editorial director of Seventeen magazine. Joanna is not only a powerhouse professional on Editorial Island, but an authentic, credible journalist. Joanna made notable power moves at New York Magazine, Marie Claire and Cosmo, and I'm certain that she will do a knockout job at Seventeen! You might also recognize Coles from Project Runway All Stars as well. 

Seriously. If you're in pursuit of emulating an editor in the publishing industry, I invite you to study and dissect Coles' proven track record; her creative and diverse approach to content strategy is trendy and appealing to a variety of demographic groups (not easy).

Below is one of my favorite clips where Joanna talks about making risky career moves.

"Be open to the idea of opportunity, always take the call, always go for the interview; you just don't know where things are going to lead." "Don't be prescriptive about what you want to do." 

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