Thursday, January 2, 2014

Styled To Rock.

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Denim Tutu! My thoughts have been fixated on denim; last week I blogged about the denim {-on-denim} trend -- even posted a few denim pieces that are suitable for the workplace. In any event, I came across an article: Urban Outfitters May Have Gone Too Far With A Denim Tutu. Um, excuse me? As if! I think the featured denim tutu is wicked cute and immediately pictured it on a little girl, or maybe Madonna...back in the day. It's fun!

"Urban may have finally crossed the line by selling a denim jumper-cum-tutu in its stores."

::CIA Activity:: Regarding the "ripping off indie designers" comment, I did some digging and discovered that the 'denim tutu' is not anything we haven't seen before; it's been done already. Reference: Exhibit A (Hm...but you ain't heard nothin' from me.) 

Exhibit A
Photo Credit: Baby Posh Couture April 2011


  1. adore this, sooo cute! Hope you're having a fantastic start to the new year!