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Designer Spotlight: Jennifer Fisher

Photo Credit: The Aestate

Jewelry Designer Spotlight! This morning while sipping coffee and browsing my Twitter feed, I was wholeheartedly excited to see the following headline: Jennifer Fisher: The Reigning Cool Girl of the Jewelry World. I have been keeping a close eye on Jennifer Fisher from the very beginning, as I was (am!) totally inspired by the designer's authenticity. In other words, I can so spot a piece of Jennifer Fisher jewelry

Excerpt via The Cut:
Who is the Jennifer Fisher Girl? Someone who does not
want to be like everyone else. I make sure to have enough variation in the line to give everyone access to express their own personal identity. 
How would you describe your aesthetic – your personal style as well as for your collection? Utilitarian with a laid-back sensibility. I dress from day to night daily which brings a casual edge to everything I wear. You will never find me in a skirt. Ever. As for design, all of my pieces are meant to be layered and worn daily, year round. The pieces are utilitarian too. 
What inspires you? I am constantly inspired by photography and architecture. Clean lines and geometric shapes are constants in my collections. 
What inspired the fall collection? I wanted to darken the line a bit and give it a moody aesthetic. Not in a Goth way, but in a simple, abstract way. Currently, I am loving Stanley Kubrick’s pictures he took for Look magazine in the 1940s. 
You sold privately for a long time. What encouraged you to make the move to sell more commercially? When Mark Lee and Danielle Vitale (Barneys CEO and COO, respectively) show up in your showroom, you do not say ‘No.’ I had actually been creating larger statement pieces in brass for editors and editorial stories when Barneys came to me. It was the perfect partnership at the perfect time. 
After the success with Barneys, do you see expansion with other retailers in your future? Timing is everything and Barneys continues to be my one large US retailer. I never intended to sell commercially and I still do not. We keep the line to limited distribution for a reason. Who wants to have the same jewelry as everyone else? Selling directly to the consumer is our main business here for fine jewelry and the new revamped website will be launching in September, hopefully changing the way women shop for fine jewelry on the web. 
You are known for piling on your jewelry and making it look effortless. How would you encourage others to adopt a personal style when it comes to jewelry? The key is to be yourself. None of my employees, friends, or clients wear the jewelry the same way. That’s the point. As for me, I never wear earrings so I make up for it on my hands and wrists. That is why my line is so heavy in bracelets and rings.
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Video - "Things I Love With Jennifer Fisher"

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  1. I totally agree with her choice to sell commercially, I mean who wouldn't say yes, very smart woman.