Thursday, April 4, 2013

Brian Atwood's "Tie Me Up" Sandals

Shoe Crushin'! Today I spotted these sex kitten (ish) lace up sandals. But, I must admit, as I looked at the shoe by itself (right) I wasn't wholeheartedly loving them -- until I saw the "Tie Me Up" sandals on Brian Atwood's friend (above), which basically displays the perfect example of a creative personal styling approach.

Pairing the sandals with dark blue distressed skinnies was a fabulous idea (because I'm not sure if I would like the sandals as much -- if they were paired with a dress). Also, I like the rockstar mixture of neon green (heels) and purple nail polish! These simple touches made me realize that the animal print sandals ARE workable and far from "hideous." 

Warning: Animal Print can be tough to pull off; it can add some spice, or add tads of tacky

What do you think about the Tie Me Up sandal? Hit, or Miss? Tell me on Twitter. -TTYS

Photo Credit: Brian Atwood

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