Thursday, January 3, 2013

So, what IS nikkistyle™?

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Mind Mapping! As I think back to (January) 2010 when was created, I smile with joy and satisfaction. My mission was/is simple: To blog and showcase a variety of fashion, style and beauty (in first-person). I wanted an exclusive platform to jot down [my personal] commentary as well as to inspire youthe readers—to embrace, create and/or re-create your personal style. I wanted to inspire you to take a chance and play with fashion, whether it be in public, or at home in front of a mirror.

Today I reflect on what nikkistyle™ represents in efforts to clearly think about-and articulate next steps (for building...the brand?) eeck! I can't believe I just mentioned the word: brand. That's a bit scary yet exciting at the same time, but [I am] looking forward to what's in store. Perhaps more creative consulting? Perhaps writing a fashion column (for Marie Claire, LOL)? Perhaps blogging for reputable style and beauty Websites? Perhaps developing and editing content for magazines? 

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Well. I do know one thing. The wheels are starting to turn faster; check out my mind map above :)

Are you starting to think more about branding, too? Share your story with me: 

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  1. Yes, branding is something I have been considering for a while now, but with school and work taking a toll on my life, is it possible?