Monday, December 31, 2012

PS. Happy New Year's Eve!

Photo Credit: nikkistyle™

Beauty Notes! Me? An "Unofficial" CG Brand Ambassador? That just might be the case, as I am always blogging and tweeting about my CoverGirl makeup. 

via Music City Beauty
Anyways, last weekend I started using CoverGirl's latest and greatest (mascara) product, Clump Crusher, and like any new product, I am still getting use to it, specifically the wand. Let me explain: I have been using another CoverGirl mascara (LashBlast Volume Blasting Mascara) in which the brush is a bit more...over-sized. LashBlast [Volume Blasting] will certainly volumize and thicken the eyelashes; however, Clump Crusher will do just that-crush clumps. No seriously, the curvaceous clump crushing wand will comb through each and every lash for a defined finish. 

So, Beauties, have YOU used this mascara? What do you think? Tell me on Twitter

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