Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Little Girls and "Red" Lipstick

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Hot Topic! Yesterday InStyle magazine posted via FacebookDo or don't: Let your child wear lipstick -- next to an image (left) of celebrity starlet, Suri Cruise. Several Facebook users LIKED InStyle's status, which is not exactly a clear indication of whether or not they are for or opposed to little girls wearing lipstick (people  L O V E to abuse that like button). Anyways, just as many folks actually commented on the status; I seen a lot of "Donts" and "Dislikes." And, there were a few individuals that thought the lipstick-wearing was not a big deal -- and considered it as harmless "dress up." Interesting.

Moreover, InStyle posted a pic caption underneath Suri's picture via its website that read, "Every girl needs the perfect red lipstick!" So, what's the message? In any event, I brought up the "little girls/lipstick" controversy last year, because I knew the convo would continue.  

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