Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Shopping List: Cute, Comfortable, Colorful Skirts 'n Tops!

Style Notes! Temps just hit 80 degrees! (Fist Pump!) And the first thing on my mind this afternoon — to head on over to H&M and shop cute skirts and tops, because I'm sure the Memorial Day Weekend sales are on and poppin'. So, in efforts to prep before my soon-to-be shopping haul, I browsed to lust over some fabulous fashion finds.

Pink Jersey Tank, $12.95

Animal Print Flared Skirt, $12.95

Light-Weight Green Top, $7.95

Print-Patterned Skirt (Elastic Waistband), $17.95 

Photo Credit: H&M

What ARE YOU in the mood to shop for? Tell me on Twitter! xx

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