Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Trend Watch: Would You Wear This Trend? Bold-Patterned Tights

Trend Watch! Would I wear bold-patterned tights? Short answer: it depends.

Let me explain. Patterned-Tights are super stylish and upgrades a blahzay outfit, for sure. However, it's really challenging to pull off this trend and make it work.

Example, Kourtney Kardashian (middle) struggled with the trend. The nude shoes, burgundy  suspender skirt, and white long sleeve blouse is already  too busyadding the sparkly tights pushed the entire outfit over the edge.

Jennifer Hudson (left) might have had a shot at pulling off the polka-dot tights if only her black dress were a bit longer. And the same goes for Khloé Kardashian (right) I suppose. 

The Poll Results Are In: According to StyleWatch readers, 69% would not wear the trend, and 31% would. I hesitated but eventually voted Yes.

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I do own a few bold-patterned tights, and featured a pair on Tumblr (seen on the right). Though I have to tell ya, I was a bit nervous about the fashion critics ... but actually I didn't get slammed. Phew!

In any event, I wore my bold-patterned tights with a cute, simple denim dress (and without over-accessorizing; I just wore studs in my ears).  

So, would you wear bold-patterned tights like Kourtney, or J-Hud? Tell me on Twitter.

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  1. This one trend I did follow over the winter and ready to do it again! If you know how to wear them right you can pull them off with no problem at all ;)