Friday, January 13, 2012

On My Desk (Today): Magazines, Water & Other Necessities

Magazine Chat! Marie Claire? Check. A couple issues of US Weekly? Check. Water? Check. Scissors for clipping articles? Check. Pink Sharpie? Check. And if you're wondering what the ruler is for...I use it as a bookmark, don't ask.

Sharing Is Caring. Everyone's talking about resolutions for the New Year, so I will share one of mine. Ready? I ditched my morning cup of hot coffee entirely, and now drinking about 4(ish) bottles of water a day, which is almost the recommended eight glasses — go resolutions! But I'm secretly praying that I don't give in to the caffeine.

Spotlight On A Great Cause
Now, back to magazine chat. I usually indulge in Marie Claire, but definitely made sure to pick-up this month's issue as the following demanded my attention: Buy this issue & a donation goes to women in need. What a neat marketing tactic! You got my support, Marie ;)

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