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My September Issues.

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My September Issues: 2011

The Diary of a Certified Magazine Junkie

Some people collect coins, I guess I collect magazines...? And to call myself a "magazine junkie" is definitely an understatement.

For years I've had plenty subscriptions to my favorite magazines: Elle, Essence, Glamour, Harper's Bazaar, InStyle, Lucky, Marie ClaireSelf, StyleWatch, and VogueHowever, about a year ago I cutback on the subscriptions, mainly because I was running out of storage space for my beloved beauties. I have been collecting magazines for several years, and have stored old issues in plastic bins (by magazine, by month) underneath my bed and in the basement. Do you have any idea how many mags were accumulated, like to-date? 

Compromise. Both spring and fall mags are "fashion bibles" updated twice a year—so I settled for collecting all of those issues, as apposed to getting glossies on a monthly basis. This approach is definitely easier on space. But if the cover story is appealing enough, I'll sneak in an issue or two outside of my committed purchasing months. Example: Lady Gaga covered Harper's Bazaar, May 2011: I had to have it.

I get asked a lot, "Nikki, what do you do with all those mags?" Nikki: Aside from reading them (duh), I keep them for future reference. In 2033, I can call them vintage!

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