Friday, April 1, 2011

YELLOW Is My New Happy Color!, $19.99
Style Notes! This may sound a bit cheesy, but the other day I wore a basic yellow V Neck T Shirt {similar to the one on the right} and realized how much I love the color yellow and how happy I felt wearing it!

Yellow had always been one of those intimidating colors that I often shied away from. I feared that the color would draw awkward attention my way, or simply too much attention.

I was dead wrong about the awkward attention, because wearing [that yellow tee] underneath my black blazer the other day electrified my overall look. And my colleagues loved it; they said that yellow compliments my complexion! Aw sweet, right? Honestly, I felt cheerful wearing my new favorite color for spring. I had to remind myself that trying something new is a definite MUST.

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