Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beyoncé Wears Two-Toned TurtleNeck Dress By Marc Jacobs - Is It Really A Miss?

Photo Credit: StyleWatch

Style Notes | Beyoncé was recently spotted in Paris on Easter Sunday wearing a two-tone turtleneck dress from Marc Jacob's Fall 2011 RTW Collectionand she is unfortunately getting negative 'style choice' reviews. In fact, according to a StyleWatch people poll, 76% said the look is a miss. But is it really?  

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My Thoughts: This photo did not capture the best facial expression. But who doesn't have a blahzay picture buried somewhere in the basement? I bet we all have a few. 

In regards to the dress though, I can't say that I hate it. The two-tone color does not bother me; and the polka dots do not bother me. But I chuckled when I read the following comment: WHY is she wearing a FALL outfit in the spring? That's a good question, because [it is] a bit dark for a spring day.

Other commentators felt as though 'B' wasn't wearing the outfitthat the outfit was wearing herand that Rihanna would have rocked it better. hmm interesting point.

Again, I don't hate the dress. I like the overall concept. And not particularly concerned with the season in which she wore it in, or that her face is ... eh.

What do you think about Miss Thang's Easter Sunday dress? Hit me up on Twitter (@nikkistyle) to share your thoughts ... don't go unheard!

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  1. I like the dress. I just dont think Beyonce wears this well and she looks worn out. She didnt work this look right at all.