Friday, January 21, 2011

EXCLUSIVE! INTERVIEW with Fashion and Beauty Photographer, Michelle Du Xuan

Meet Michelle Du Xuan
My style blog is all about highlighting unique fashion and beauty. Basically, if something is interesting and thought-provoking chances are I'll dedicate a post about it. 

So, it goes without great surprise that I would feature none other than photographer,
Michelle Du Xuan, who recently shot an editorial for TUSH magazine (Winter 10/11), where she captured the complexity of  beauty. And the shoot certainly raised a lot of eyebrows. Michelle gives the lowdown on what inspired the TUSH shoot ...

When I saw your editorial for TUSH magazine, the winter issue, I just had to get an interview with you.

Michelle: Thank you, Nikki. I think I do deserve an interview. [smiling]

Editorial: TUSH
Nikki: Some would say that the TUSH shoot is controversial, in terms of glorifying plastic surgery. Do you believe that to be true? 

Michelle: It has always been a controversial subject. Especially since recent years, plastic surgery has become a trend. It's no longer mysterious or the patent of celebrities. It is becoming a revolution of re-defying age and natural-born face and body. The opinion toward plastic surgery has changed a lot along the years too. Just like the revolution of make-up, mico-surgery is bringing a new definition to beauty. 

Nikki: And what message were you hoping to convey?

Michelle: The shoot is about the obsession behind plastic surgery and how it challenges the way we look at natural-beauty and artificial beauty. The message I am trying to send out is that plastic surgery is a double-edged sword. It fixes some flaws of our face and body but also leaves sequela. Before preparing for the "beauty suffer," think about what it will bring us besides the physical change. Plastic surgery isn't just about changing physical appearance, what’s behind the physical change may raise bigger psychological problems. Treat micro-surgery wiselyis my advice.

Switching gears … tell me where you’re originally from.

Michelle: I'm originally from China. I was a curator working for galleries before. Art and photography exhibitions made me realize my passion for photography. I moved to Paris two years ago and became a fashion photographer, and I am currently based in Paris and travel all over the world taking photos.

Nikki: Tell me a little bit about your portfolio. What other magazines (and/or other media outlets) have published your work?

Michelle: I am mostly doing fashion and beauty photography. My works can be seen on magazines such as TUSH, Cosmopolitan, Harpar's Bazaar, and 
Twój Styl. And I am going to work with some online fashion magazines too as they express the other perspective of fashion.

Nikki: Which celebrity do you want to shoot one day and why?

Michelle: I would like to shoot
Sinéad O'Connor one day. She is so unique—both her look and her music. And her edgy style always inspires me.

Nikki: What is the best thing about working on the set of a photo shoot?

Michelle: The best thing is doing what your heart leads you to. I love the freedom of creating what's in my mind and transfer it into photos.

Nikki: Do you have any exciting projects in the pipeline?

Michelle: I am working on a very exciting exhibition now. It's a lingerie shoot about complicity and intimate moments of a woman. This is something I wanted to do for a long time—and this time we will have a stunning model and team to realize it with exquisite lingerie and jewelries. The whole series of the shoot will be divided into two parts and exhibit both in NYC, Las Vegas and Paris.

Nikki: How can people contact you? 

Michelle: Go to my website (I currently changed my website into a blog): or email me at:

Nikki: Thanks for taking the time to chit-chat with me. Please keep in touch, as I would love to continue following your amazing work.

Michelle: Thank you very much, Nikki, for taking the time with me and have a successful New Year! I hope to talk to you very soon about my new works.

Photo Credit: Michelle Du Xuan

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