Friday, December 24, 2010

Yokoo Scarves & Accessories ™

Style Notes | I recently stumbled upon Yokooand just in time for winter! Seriously, whoever says knitting is not a specialized talent after seeing Yokoo's work, is crazy. I'll smack you. These designs are bananas!

Sharing: I grew up watching my mom knit things like socks, scarves, sweaters and blankets. And she tried so hard to teach me, but I simply was not interested. Knitting is not only time-consuming, but numb on the fingers ... my fingers.

Besides, my attention span is slim-to-none
. I remember knitting being mentally painful when I couldn't see instant results. Do you have any idea how long it took me to make a baby blanket? Years and counting, and I still didn't finish. 

I know first-hand how talented someone has got to be in order to produce such fabulous knitwear. So you go, Yokoo! Cheers to your wonderful work and patience!

Shop the look! All featured items can be purchased here.

Photo Credit: Yokoo Etsy

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