Wednesday, December 29, 2010

TREND ALERT - Would You Wear This Trend? 'Slashed Sleeves'

Photo Credit: StyleWatch
Photo Credit: shopbop
Sty Notes | Would I wear slashed sleeves? Truthfully, when I saw the look on Blake Lively, Jessica Simpson and Rebecca Hall (above) I immediately answered 'No' to the questionso did 73% of StyleWatch readers. I thought to myself: hot mess. But then it hit me....

The above outfits do no justice to the slashed sleeves (or slit sleeves) trendand that a more pulled together look can be trendy as well as sexy. So I browsed for similar styles that make this trend appear ... um ... less tacky?

And surely I found countless tops and dresses with slashed sleeves that are  completely stylish. For starters, see this snakeskin print Slit Sleeve Dress below ($209) available at Saks Fifth Avenue.

The dress is a bit on the short side, but who says showing a little leg is a bad thing? Specifically, I fell in love with the back of the dress. Now that's bringing the sexy back!

Editor's Pick! 
Sexy Slashed Sleeves

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