Monday, December 27, 2010

LED Footwear by Edmundo Castillo

Style Notes |
These Tron-inspired Light Sandals are priced at $1,650.00, and will be available at Saks Fifth Avenue on February 1st.

My Personal Thoughts: 1 - This sandal is not cute. Truthfully, I've seen plenty sandals similar to this style, minus the rechargeable battery socket in the back of the wedge. 2 - Why in the HECK would I want-to draw that much attention to myself walking down the street, or while at a nightclub? 

Don't get me wrong, my intention is to 
always standout a little. However, this wedge right here ... is a bit over-the-top (even for me). So if I'm not working the night at some exotic glow-in-the-dark hot spotnever will I wear these. No offense.

Photo Credit: Luxury Insider

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