Thursday, October 7, 2010

Model Spotlight: Katerina Savenkova

Nationality: Originally from Russia; now living in Miami.

34b-24.5-34.5; Dress 2; Shoe 8.5.

Career Highlights:
My career is growing and blossoming every day; every project is a highlight!

Known For:
Legs, face and wonderful personality.

psst! Come get-to-know the Russian beauty, Katerina Savenkova!

Your Levi’s Curve ID commercial screamed all sorts of sexiness. How was the commercial-making process?

It was my first-ever commercial ... and was amazing, fun and exciting. It was definitely an experience I look to repeat again and again. Video and still are so much different from each other
each is exhilarating.

The 'Levi Curve ID' 

So tell me, how do the Curve IDs really fit?

Great fit! Curve ID is all about the fit and not the size. There is an ID for every type!

"An ID for every type..."  I like that. Will you be doing more work with Levi’s?

Hope so!

What are you working on now? And how can people contact you?

Each day brings new opportunities and challenges
—that’s what makes this business so great! People can contact me at For projects, I will forward  to the appropriate agency.

Katerina’s Favorites…
  • Favorite color? Blue.
  • Favorite beauty product? Organic and natural products. Love pure Aloe Vera!
  • Favorite fashion designer? Many! All designers are unique and bring special things I love.
  • Favorite fall trend? Boots.

Katerina is actively seeking global representation. Photo Credit: Katerina Savenkova

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