Friday, September 24, 2010

Trending: Straw Purses

Trend Watch! Would I wear this trend? Yes, absolutely. A trendy straw purse is a staple item not only for summer, but for fall too. The straw look will  definitely add a touch of style to your downtown shopping "jeans and sweatshirt" attire. 

Sarah Jessica (middle) throws on some sneakers, rolls up her jeans, and slithers her way into a basic black fitted shirt. Pretty typical ensemble, right? But what sets her apart from the around the way girl rockin' jeans and some Nike sneeks — is that Sarah J spruces up a typical casual outfit with a straw purse. 

StyleWatch readers voted and 65% would wear the trend, but 35% will not. Um, who are these 35% people? Stop hatin' and give the trend a try! Browse these straw purses and find a way to make it work. As the remarkable Tim Gunn would say, "Go, Go, Go!"

Photo Credit: StyleWatch 

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