Friday, July 30, 2010

Give Summertime Humidity THE HAND—Get Luxurious Tresses like Beyoncé!

Style Notes! While flipping through Glamour UK’s Hair Dos and Don’ts gallery an image of Beyoncé’s hang-loose curls caught my attention. In addition to rocking the perfect hairstyle that will beat the odds of summertime humidity, what a fun and glamorous way to style your hair. Real hair or fake hair - I love the look - and have adopted the hairstyle myself (minus the extensions).

If I am trying to attain a similar hairstyle I do some really simple things... 

I wash and condition my hair  with Garnier products, and
 let the hair air-dry since it’s been so hot lately. I don't apply any heat, such as using a curling iron. Next, in regards to moisturizing, I dip my fingers into Olive Oil hair grease thirty minutes after air drying in efforts to treat my scalp, and to give my tresses some shine. 

Lastly, before I go to bed I tightly braid my hair into four (or six) 
— and then tie the hair down with a silk scarf. In the morning I pull out the braids; tease the hair for volume; give it some shine and then I'm off. No hairspray needed.

Photo Credit: Glamour UK

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