Monday, March 29, 2010

Nail Color of the Month: Lively Lilac

Beauty Notes! Despite today's rainy forecast, Lively Lilac is the perfect nail color for spring. Normally I would apply two coats of polish, but this particular color looked great with just one...topped with a coat of clear of course. A break from my signature dark polishes was needed. I feel renewed! 

Anyways, pastels must be a hot color trend this spring, because when I went for my morning cup of caffeine today, there were two other ladies polished with lilac-y (nail) colors. And as complete strangers to one another, we bonded over a special moment of show-and-tell; pastel nails was the theme. Very cool ;)

Tip: Try wearing a darker shade of purple with your Lively Lilac-colored nails, such as a violet cardigan. Lilac + Violet go well together. I'm actually wearing the color combo now. 

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Photo Credit: ELLE UK

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