Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Floral Footwear

Style Option? I present...the Floral Slouch Clog ($248). That's a whole lotta' foot floral!

The wedged-heel grabbed my attention as well as the leather straps and buckles. The shoe is different and a bit odd, but I would wear them and make it work! ;)

Here’s what a product "reviewer" had to say:
"Ladies let me tell you guys love shoes like these. I'm a guy and WISH my girlfriend would wear these. The height of the clog with the slouch of a boot is very, very chic. And NO these would not be better in flats. Guys like heels. Keep the flats for around the house. Pair it with a cute skirt!"
What a descriptive male point of view…“pair it with a cute skirt” had me LOL'n.

Photo Credit: Free People

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