Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Dog Carrier and Handbag

Style Option...? The Sharif Signature Kenya Collection Dog-Shaped Bag. 

So I get that fashion has no boundaries; however, what the heck? Is this handbag supposed to store the typical lipstick, mascara, wallet and cellular phone? Or is it meant to store an actual dog? I’m not criticizing the creation, I'm just trying to understand the intent.

“It’s not the same old bag! Sharif designs are created with you in mind: the woman who likes to stand out in a crowd, appear just a tad unusual and surprise her friends with the unexpected.” [Source: HSN]

Hm. It's "not the same old of bag"well that's for sure. But hey, if you desire to make a statement and stand out in a'll certainly do it carrying this bag.

Photo Credit: HSN ($155)

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